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These are some of the magic I am blowing life into....
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21 days of selfpleasure

Welcome to 21 Days of Selfpleasure with The Skinship! 

It's winter, most of us are locked in, we are home alone and civilization seems to collapse – that's exactly the time when queer masturb4tors go to work! 😉 For real, we couldn't think of a more perfect moment to devote 21 days to building (or deepening) a habit of mindful and f*cking powerful daily self-pleasuring! This album comprises all the audio instructions and guided journeys we've been creating during the first iteration of this Queer & Pagan "Advent Calendar" that we held together with 400 participants from World Aids Day to Winter Solstice 2020. In this way we want to make them accessible to a wider crowd as well as for those who want to get back to it, as many of the original participants requested. 

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