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Prices (new prices from 1st. Jan. 2024)

Low income

I have 2 spots weekly for clients who pay on sliding scalepreferable starting on 50€

This has priority to people from minority backgrounds. Don't hesitate to get in contact if you can not afford the prices above. We find a good solution. 

Workshops: I offer 2 spots on sliding scale for each workshop, get in contact if you would like to book a ticket.


Cancelation policy

Sessions: Cancelling within 24 hours before the planned session, I take 50% off the price.

In case of delay or absence on the day, the full price remains.

I kindly ask you to do your best to keep me informed in time, if you for some reason can't show up for your session. 

Workshop tickets: Full refund of the ticket by cancelling earlier than 48h before the workshop starts.

Cancellations within 48h is non-refundable. If there is a waiting list, I will try to resell your ticket and you will get your money back.


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