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Wellness Massage

A relaxing, slow and meditative journey through your body with use of organic almond oil and a twist of relaxing essential oil.

Allowing yourself pure receiving and relaxation, not having to give anything back, is a huge selfcare present. A direct and embodied way to give your body and mind permission to relax, let go and release tension.

A session is 60min for 60€ 


tantra massage

The experience of a tantra massage have a taste of dissolving and expanding the boundaries of the body and letting the sense of time and place disappear.

Old ideas about intimacy can change when the body experience new, finely sharpened senses. 

When devotion and compassion is offered without sexual exchange, there can be space for intimate person healing and growth. 

The tantra massage invites you to a deep encounter with yourself and you will be accompanied and guided on the sensual journey through your own body.


For this I create a safe framework with clear boundaries and in-depth knowledge. 

It is important for me that you decide for yourself how far the tantra massage should go, free from pressure or expectation.

A session is 3 hours for 200€ 

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