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𝘣y 𝘈𝘺𝘰 𝘎𝘳y (they/he) 

@Skinship_Berlin  - a touch based place for kinship.


UNDER THE SKIN. Thursdays 18.30 - 21.30. 

Hosted by Ayo Gry, started in lock down 2020 as a space for creating pleasure postive consent culture. 

It has evolved into Ayos laboratorium for somatic group sessions, with the intent to create spaces for embodied resilience in a touch and play based queer community.


Queer Superpowers 30.03.23 

Embracing a felt sense of queerness and community, through embodied integration of the queer superpowers we all have and that are existing through hundreds of generations. 


Queer Genitals 13.04.23

Diving into our creative hub of de-&reconstructing our perceptions of gender and genitals and reclaiming our individual aswell as collective bodystories. 


My body My pleasure 04.05.23

A guided group ritual where wishes from individuals can come a live by collective co-creation. We explore how consent and negotiation can balance with playfulness, intuition and magic. 


Ritual Play 25.05.23

A simple frame to move out of our everyday mind and let our inner children have a transformative power on us and the room. Ritual play is a method that opens a space of freedom to express beyond censorship and a lot of fun.


Tickets are 15-25.

No one is refused in lack of funds. Write me personally to sign up for a lower price. 


Somatic awareness * body explorations * pleasure * intuition * listening * embodying kinship * consent * intimacy * heart sharing * community building * self- & co regulating nervous systems * giving & receiving touch* honoring the wisdom of our bodies * ecological connection * slowing down *



Curiosity * Safety * transparency * Vulnerability * Playfulness * Love * Selfcare * Pleasure * Collective awareness * Boundaries * Kindness * All Emotions * All Nervous systems * Lust * Care * Empathy * Desire * Learning edge * Courage * Awareness * Trust * Compassion * * Skinship *


What will happen

In the first part we get to know each other and we take the first steps to become aware of what is alive in our bodies. This is guided by body-scan, couple exercises, movements, sounds, touch and personal sharing. We practice basic tools for verbal/non-verbal consent. Slowing down and notice what is alive in our bodies, is the key to know what we want and don't want.

In the second part we deepen into the topic of the evening, where we use the practises of communication and touch, to explore and integrate the learnings and connections. This looks different from time to time and gives the individual time and space to feel, reflect and share on personal topics in life.

Contact directly


Covid: Stay home in case of symptoms.

Cancelation policy

Workshop tickets: Full refund of the tickets price by cancelling earlier than 48h. before the workshop starts.

Cancellations within 48h. is non-refundable. I have 2 spots for sliding scale for each workshop, get in contact if you would like to book a sliding scale ticket for another workshop.

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