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About Us

Erotic Play Massage : Own Your Pleasure

Saturday the 5th. March. 11am - 6pm

A collaboration between Village Berlin and Skinship_Berlin.

By Jeremy Shub and Ayo Gry. 



Pleasure, queer, ritual, consent, communication, undressing, together, practice, deshame, all bodies, exciting, feeling, naked skin, erotic scripts, undoing patterns, touch, connection, ‘qualities of touch’, movement, breath, sensing, play, curiousity, laughing….

Workshop Description


This is a full day workshop, where you will learn how to give and receive what we call an Erotic Play Massage. The massage is based on techniques of touch and communication from the school of sexological bodywork and is created to explore pleasure, trust, connection and joy for everyone involved. 


We will explore what it means to treat the whole body as a pleasure organ and how it feels in our bodies when we consciously shift our awareness from fixity to fluidity. We believe that the exploration of pleasure is closely related to play, humor and joy and we will explore how to add a playful tone to our connections, where we at the same time can hold the vulnerability of each other. 

We will explore how safety and trust is essential for our nervous system to open up for any kind of pleasurable touch and how basic communication can be established to create the right framework for giving and receiving a massage that is co created and connected to everyone involved. 


What you will learn in this workshop


  • That communication is sexy. Basic tools to create a safe container for consent. 

  • Techniques on how to touch another body and that slowness is the key to feel more. We will also include genital touch as a part of the teaching. Full nakedness and genital touch is optional and welcomed for participation.

  • A queer introduction to language of pleasure in bodies and gentials.

  • That play and pleasure goes hand in hand. Basic tools for opening the body up for playfulness.

  • How to treat the whole body as a pleasure organ. 

  • Introduction to the nervous system and how to consciously play with breath in arousal and relaxation. 


How we will pair up

We will be doing many different verbal and embodied exercises during the day. In this way we get to know each other in the group and create trust. 

You can come alone or as a couple who want to work together doing the massage. Participants who come alone will be paired randomly, with no consideration of gender. 


Three parts to the workshop


  •  Introductions, group agreements and games for consent and boundaries.

  •  Trust and intuition games and techniques on how to touch and play with breath and the nervous system. 

  •  How to get undressed in public (nudity optional) and the playful erotic massage exchange.



Early bird until 21st. February: €50

Normal price: €70

Low budget tickets €35


Refund policy:

0-7 days before the event: no refund

7-15 days before the event: 100%


This workshop is for

Everyone with an open and respectful mind towards gender diversity and sexpositivity. 

All sexual orientations, ethnicities, bodies, ages, genders. The space is wheelchair accessible. It is for people who have an interest in exploring pleasure and learning about touch and connection. 

Singles, couples and people in open relationships are equally welcome.




Eventbrite -


Location - The Village Kurfürstenstraße 31, 10785 Berlin


Bios - Your facilitators


Ayo Gry (they/them/he) is a gender queer pleasure explorer, sexological bodyworker and working with mind/body therapy. They are co-founder of Skinship_Berlin - a touch based place for kinship, where they facilitate somatic expansive journeys for individuals, couples and groups. They believe that cultivating a sense of belonging within ourselves, to each other and to nature is crucial for healing and peaceful growth.


Jeremy (they them) currently works as a Sex therapist, Sex educator, Sexological Bodyworker, Sex Relationship coach. They live in Berlin. They identify as polyamorous, slutty, sex worker, kinky, genderfluid and queer. Jeremy has university degrees in Education, Science, Creative Art and Sexual Health. They have facilitated many workshops on sexuality, relationships and pleasure.



What to bring

Water bottle, your own snacks. A Sheet and a towel to lay on. Food or money for lunch. 

There will be massage oil available, but bring your own if you have a prefered one you like to use. 

Wear something that you're comfortable in.



Covid safer measures

- 2G+ Bring an official quicktest maximum 24 hours old. Or do a self test on-site.

- If you have any symptoms, we ask you to stay home. You can contact us to move or refund your ticket.

- Our venue has hand-sanitizer at multiple locations.

- The venue is big and we limit the participants as required at the time.

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